Woman survives brutal farm attack

While recuperating in hospital, a white farm attack victim Mariette Saaiman, 45, found comfort in the possibility that two of her three attackers had been apprehended.

However, police later confirmed the suspects arrested could not be positively linked to the … Read the rest

Thousands sign petition to return to Europe

The petition on the website www.change.org, had about 15000 signatures last night.

It calls for the EU to allow white South Africans, Namibians and Zimbabweans to be given automatic European citizenship.

The petition has over 15000 signatures.

Rodrigo de Campos, … Read the rest

Julius Malema suddenly turns attention on Afrikaners after British visit

It never takes too long for any black politician in South Africa to become a paid puppet of a foreign colonial power.

Julius Malema wasted no time. Juju has suddenly turned all his attention on the white Afrikaners calling them … Read the rest

White farmers 13 times more likely to be attacked

SAIRR has amended their view on farm attacks. According to Institute’s calculations white farming families may be 13 times more likely to be attacked.

This Research and Policy Brief paper seeks to determine the extent to which farmers are uniquely … Read the rest