Queen Georgina and the Holocaust card

by Albert Brenner

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I must admit that I did not expect Georgina Guedes to do it. But then, maybe I underestimated the impact my column had on her. For her subsequent reaction speaks volumes about … Read the rest

Britten’s indifference

One very positive side-effect of the Red October protest was that it aired the stale house of the MSM in Mandelatopia. This breath of fresh air made the usual suspects, and a few newbies, cough convulsively, as expected.

The loudest … Read the rest

White guilt, Coloured faith

by Dan Roodt

What was that T-shirt that got SAB Miller so hot under the collar? “Black labour, white guilt.” Now, even that sounds politically correct, but still the world’s second biggest beer company felt strongly enough to sue the … Read the rest

‘Exiles in our own fatherland’ – Kleinfontein residents

There are no signs that say “Whites Only.”

There are, though, men in military fatigues who log the license plates of vehicles approved to enter Kleinfontein, a rural enclave that is home to about 1,000 Afrikaner whites. And there is … Read the rest