Marine Le Pen’s party takes Senate seats

The National Front won its first ever seats in France’s upper house of parliament on Sunday, as President Francois Hollande’s Socialist party lost its Senate majority.

The left still controls the lower house, which is the dominant legislative body in … Read the rest

Le Pen would win in French presidential election: poll

Marine Le Pen, leader of the conservative Front National, would win the first round of a presidential election in France, according to a poll released Sunday, The Telegraph reports.

If an election were held next Sunday, Le Pen, who made … Read the rest

Hollande hates ‘the toothless’

Francois Hollande’s former partner says that France’s socialist president hates the poor, in her potentially explosive memoirs she penned after the collapse of their relationship earlier this year.

In Merci Pour Ce Moment (‘Thank You For This Moment’) Valérie Trierweiler … Read the rest

France backtracks furiously on Mistral

The delivery of first Mistral-class helicopter carrier, built for Russia under the 2011 contract, has not been put off yet, as the statement made earlier on Wednesday reflected personal position of President Francois Hollande, a French diplomatic source said Wednesday.… Read the rest

BNP Paribas fine: are $10 billion too much?

bnp-paribas2Forget the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings and the elaborate preparations to celebrate later this week the liberation of France by its allies. Forget “Lafayette, nous sommes ici”, which General John Pershing is supposed to have said when the … Read the rest

Senior journalist calls Libération shooting ‘good news’

A gunman opened fire in the lobby of a French newspaper office in Paris on Monday, gravely wounding a photographer’s assistant before fleeing.

“Blood in the hall of this newspaper may be some good news,” Annette Lévy-Willard, a senior staff … Read the rest

French presidential chef bids farewell with raspberry millefeuille

by Sylvie Corbet

France’s presidential chef is retiring after four decades of culinary service, having fed five French presidents and peppered the steaks tartare of some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Bernard Vaussion, 60, was filled with emotion while … Read the rest

US spying causes new anger in France, Mexico

LogoLeMondeby Marianne Barriaux and Michael Mainville BARRIAUX, Michael MAINVILLE

The United States has become embroiled in a new row over its controversial spying programme as allies France and Mexico condemned revelations Washington tapped millions of phonecalls and hacked into leaders’ … Read the rest

Deported Roma girl, family attacked in Kosovo

Unidentified assailants on Sunday attacked a Roma schoolgirl, whose deportation from France sparked controversy, along with her family in Kosovo where they have been living since their eviction, police said.

“The Dibrani (family) were walking in Mitrovica with their children … Read the rest

Hollande is like that ‘retard from the bush’

The visit of the white, neo-colonialist and very unpopular French president to South Africa is marked by vitriol against the already suffering white monority.

On Tuesday, Francois Hollande will visit a plant owned by French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, which manufactures … Read the rest