Crime pays: International crime ranks as top economic player

geldwasPolice find it hard to compete with international crime syndicates who rake in $870 billion a year via activities from drug trading and human trafficking to identity theft, a top UN official said Wednesday.

“This is an enormous amount of … Read the rest

Gangs have increased by 40% since Obama took office

Bobby Rush
Bobby Rush

Newt Gingrich appeared on Candy Crowley’s State of the Union with Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush.

Throughout the 1960s, Rush was involved in the civil-rights movement and worked in civil-disobedience campaigns in the Southern United States. After co-founding the … Read the rest

Chaos and violence on the rise in UK

British police in Croydon, South London on August 8, 2011

Chaos and violence are on the rise in the UK a year after the PM declared a war on gang culture, a study revealed. Police aggression and a refusal to … Read the rest

Death toll rising from Coloured gangs in Cape Town

Cape Coloured ganster
Cape Coloured gangster. Sometimes residents have to stay indoors when they flash their guns in broad daylight

Initiations into gangs and the release of gang members from prison may be causing a surge of shootings in Cape Town, it was … Read the rest