Merkel, Zuma in Moscow for V-day celebrations

Ukraine’s settlement and possibilities for the restoration of cooperation between Russia and Germany will be high on the agenda of talks in the Kremlin on Sunday between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is arriving in … Read the rest

Russia opens Europe’s largest natural gas exchange

Russia launched a new and independent natural gas exchange that will reside in St. Petersburg, and will make the facility the largest market for natural gas trading in all of Europe.

Known as the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX), … Read the rest

Putin visits Berlusconi

Russian President Vladimir Putin perhaps couldn’t resist an invite from his Italian chum, former Premier Silvio Berlusconi, in the early hours of Friday to his mansion in Milan, according to the WSJ.

A Russian presidential spokesman said Mr. Putin visited … Read the rest

Russia signs second gas contract with China

Russia plans to sign a 30-year gas supply contract with China via the western route, Russian energy giant Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller told President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. The route to supply gas to China via western Siberia may be … Read the rest

BP, Siemens, Renault face downturn on EU sanctions

BP Plc (BP/), Siemens AG (SIE) and Renault SA (RNO) are among European companies preparing for a downward turn in their Russian business following the European Union’s decision to impose its widest-ranging sanctions yet over President Vladimir Putin’s involvement in … Read the rest

Ukraine’s leverage evaporates

Vladimir Putin has scored a massive political victory in the heart of the Eurozone, after Austria openly defied NATO and sided with Russia.

Russia has an alternative pathway for its gas, one which bypasses Ukraine entirely and as the current … Read the rest

‘Ukraine will hurt its own economy’, says Gazprom head

Gazprom considers Ukraine’s position a form of blackmail and a method to negotiate an ultra-low price, Aleksey Miller, head of Russia’s Gazprom, said on Monday.

“These absurd and unreasonable actions will ultimately hurt the Ukrainian economy, but after the Minister … Read the rest

Gazprom calls an European energy union foolish, irrational

gazpromThe idea of a single European body that would be in charge of purchasing gas for the whole union is simply foolish and irrational, Gazprom Deputy Chairman Alexander Medvedev said, suggesting the Polish PM must’ve been out of his mind … Read the rest