Africans in World Cup Soccer match-fixing scandal

Ghana has been exposed as agreeing to take part in international football matches organised by match fixers.

An undercover investigation found that the President of Ghana’s Football Association agreed for the team to play in international matches that others were … Read the rest

South Africans are very conservative Pew finds

South Africans are very conservative according to findings by an independent American fact tank Pew Research Centre.

Speaking on the poll, former Constitutional Court Justice Zak Yacoob said there was a “huge disconnect” between societal values and the constitution.

Pew … Read the rest

SAS Spioenkop heads for west Africa on anti-piracy mission

An SA Navy frigate has set sail for the pirate-infested west coast of Africa.

SAS Spioenkop left Simon’s Town naval base yesterday morning with a crew of 180 .

It and three other frigates were purchased in the controversial arms … Read the rest

If Africa is more like Singapore, why are we getting so many refugees?

by Dan Roodt

Living in South Africa, one gets used to being called a moron by every visiting foreigner, especially ones of the liberal to left-wing persuasion. After all, they seem to reason, we do not know anything about our … Read the rest