Dear libtards, aren’t you attracted by Zimbabwe?

Dear libtards,

Every other week, someone of your persuasion, either a feminist or antiracist or a professor of whiteness studies or cultural Marxist writes an open letter starting with “Dear white people”, containing a blast of inanities.

This seems to … Read the rest

The master of Zim’s destiny makes his reappearance

Scene from the film 'The Ambassador'
Scene from the film ‘The Ambassador’

Africa’s oldest leader, president Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe, appeared in public again after he had not been seen for weeks

Mugabe, who turns 90 on February 21, spoke at the burial of his younger … Read the rest

Cape Town has twice the murder rate of Johannesburg

Cape Town, danger lurks here...
Cape Town, danger lurks here…

According to an analysis of the latest crime stats by the Istitute for Security Studies, the murder rate in Cape Town is almost twice as high as that of Johannesburg.

Lizette Lancaster, a researcher at … Read the rest

Counting underway in knife-edge Zimbabwe election

Zimbabwe ballot paper
Zimbabwe ballot paper

Vote counting was underway in Zimbabwe’s tightly fought election Wednesday, amid high turnout and accusations of rigging by President Robert Mugabe’s allies who wish to extend his 33-year rule.

The 89-year-old Mugabe is Africa’s oldest leader and … Read the rest

Zimbabwe’s ‘Cattle Bank’ takes deposits – with 4 legs

Cattle in Zimbabwe
Cattle in Zimbabwe

William Mukurazita’s deposit at the bank has four legs and moos.

Zimbabwe’s first “Cattle Bank” has just opened its books in a unique kind of banking where owners bring in their animals as collateral against cash loans.… Read the rest