Stellenbosch University purges Verwoerd’s name by removing plaque

A plaque commemoraring dr. H.F. Verwoerd, the former South African prime minister and once a professor of sociology at the university, was removed yesterday after pressure from black political groups. One such radical group, Open Stellenbosch, is composed of the … Read the rest

Letter: Verwoerd deserves respect and recognition at Stellenbosch

Professor Wim de Villiers
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1

Dear Dr de Villiers

I am an old Matie who was taught by your father Sakereg (Law of Property) and Romeinse reg (Roman Law) in the late … Read the rest

Apartheid and Black Consciousness: An unexplored angle


by Joseph Secrève

The late 50’s and 60’s were interesting times worldwide. Dramatic shifts took place and people of various nations and convictions were busy experimenting with new identities and freedoms. An important milestone was the progressive decolonisation of Africa, … Read the rest

Former world-champion boxer Corrie Sanders refused medical treatment in South Africa

Former world-champion boxer Corrie Sanders died on Sunday after he was shot by three armed black men, but also refused medical treatment by two hospitals.

According to his relatives, his life could have been saved if he had received medical … Read the rest

Verwoerd pumped millions into black education

by H.S. Brink

Firstly, blaming HF Verwoerd for the textbook mess is nonsensical at best and for your newspaper to portray Verwoerd as the “architect of apartheid” is a false representation.

Those who perpetuate this lie may well be referred

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