China believes hostile short-sellers caused panic

A recent sell-off in China’s stock markets is the first major challenge facing the country since the introduction of margin trading, and is believed to have been caused by hostile short-sellers.

In a report on the Chinese news site, … Read the rest

China sneers at Britain’s ‘moral responsibility’

China said on Wednesday Britain has had no moral responsibility for what happens in Hong Kong since its return to China, as the two countries argue about Beijing’s ban on a group of British members of parliament visiting the city.… Read the rest

China says US behind Hong Kong protests

A commentary in the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party on Saturday accused the U.S. of trying to foment a “color revolution” in Hong Kong.

The commentary, which was entitled “Why is the U.S. so keen on ‘Color Revolutions’?”, … Read the rest

China Gold Congress in Beijing

The China Gold Congress is currently in full flight in Beijing. The three day Congress is China’s biggest gold industry event of the year, drawing in participants from across the Chinese and international gold sectors including central banks, mining companies, … Read the rest

African entrepreneurs seek their Chinese dream

africa-phone-sellerFrom a windowless room in a dilapidated Hong Kong high-rise, Ali Diallo sells Chinese electronics to retailers across Africa. The modest surroundings belie the multi-million dollar business the West African trader has built in the five years since he moved … Read the rest

Snowden: ‘Ecuador an example to the world’

Fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden has thanked Ecuador for its support in his bid to avoid extradition to the US, saying the country was an “example to the world” in a letter publicised on Monday.

“There are few world leaders … Read the rest

US warns countries against Snowden travel

snowdenagentFugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden was seeking asylum in Ecuador on Sunday after Hong Kong allowed his departure for Russia in a slap to Washington’s efforts to extradite him on espionage charges.

In a major embarrassment for … Read the rest

Ed Snowden: How the spy story of our age leaked out

As he pulled a small black suitcase and carried a selection of laptop bags over his shoulders, no one would have paid much attention to Ed Snowden as he arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. But Snowden was not your … Read the rest

Setting for a real international spy thriller

There are few better settings for an international spy thriller than the chaotic, neon-lit streets of Kowloon, to the north of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.In the early 1970s, Kowloon’s triad-infested back-alleys played host to Roger Moore’s James Bond who used

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Whistleblower disappears from Hong Kong hotel

Russia is willing to consider granting political asylum for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who blew the lid on the US PRISM program, Russian media reported. Snowden dropped out of sight Monday after he was last seen checking out of a … Read the rest