S. Africa ‘prepared’ for Ebola with 9 hospitals equipped

South Africa is prepared for a potential case of Ebola, the health ministry said on Wednesday in a statement.

“We have identified 11 hospitals around the country to deal with patients who could be affected by Ebola,” spokesman Joe Maila … Read the rest

Aborted babies burned to power UK hospitals

baby3Aborted and miscarried babies are being incinerated as “clinical waste,” with some being used to power hospitals in the UK, a policy that some have defended as an efficient means of sustainable recycling.

“Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal … Read the rest

Obama heads to Africa for week-long tour

GTY 158441009 A CLJ POL USA CTUS President Barack Obama and his family were headed to Senegal on Wednesday, where they will start A week-long stay in Africa.

During the trip, Obama will meet with Senegal’s President Macky Sall on Thursday, South African President Jacob Zuma … Read the rest

Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa

by Mike Smith

Emeritus Arch Bishop of Cape Town is at it again and in the news for asking whites to pay a reparation tax or wealth tax because they all apparently benefitted from Apartheid.

Along came his cheerleading constitutional … Read the rest