Letter: Zimbabweans are not freeloaders

Zimbabweans don’t want to be here. South Africans don’t get that. We have voted and voted against the ruling party (and Mugabe) and each time we had the opportunity to be rid of those murderers guess who came to their … Read the rest

German journalist wades into mass immigration debate

A German journalist suggested that prosecuting “Facebook rabble-rousers” – that is people who do not agree with mass immigration – while a step in the right direction, was not enough.

Reschke delivered her message just hours after Hans-Georg Maassen, head … Read the rest

Another wall goes up in Europe

Nearly three decades after US President Ronald Reagan issued his much-celebrated challenge to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, some Eastern European countries have once again begun floating the idea of building up walls in Europe, … Read the rest

ANC defends action against foreigners

Operation Fiela by the SA Police Service was meant to eliminate criminal activities and was not a form of harassment or xenophobia, African National Congress secretary Gwede Mantashe said on Sunday.

“Operation Fiela strives to apprehend and disarm those with … Read the rest

The rise of nationalism in Britain

As the eurozone crisis continues, anti-establishment insurgencies like the Scottish National Party, SNP’s, are surfacing all over Europe: nationalist, populist, separatist, left or right.

As the British empire was gradually dissolved after the second world war and its industrial base … Read the rest

‘Secret Swedish Asylum group’ plans 400,000 new immigrants

The Swedish government has appointed a “secret asylum-group” planning for 400,000 new immigrants over the next five years – the equivalent of a large Swedish city, the newspaper Dagens Industri revealed yesterday.

The Secret Asylum group is a group of … Read the rest