Letter from Zimbabwe: Generations yet to be born

Cathy Buckle

by Cathy Buckle

Christmas has arrived with a bombshell to Zimbabwe this year. A seven page photocopied form has flooded what’s left of privately owned, legally operating businesses. It’s called the ‘Notification of Extent of Indigenisation and Indigenisation Implementation Plan.’ … Read the rest

Bob vows to intensify wealth transfer to blacks

bobZimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe vowed Tuesday to intensify his controversial drive to transfer economic wealth to blacks and scoffed at calls to reform the security services following his disputed re-election.

“The indigenisation and empowerment drive will continue unabated in order … Read the rest

Zimbabwe central banker cautions on yet more affirmative action

Zimbabwe’s central bank chief warned Friday the country’s fragile economy could grind to a halt if the government rushes its planned seizure of majority stakes in foreign-owned banks.

“The implementation of indigenisation and economic empowerment regulations in the banking sector … Read the rest