Littering in South Africa is the expression of wider selfish – and costly — culture

Roger Southall, University of the Witwatersrand

It is common when municipal workers go on strike in South Africa to resort to upturning garbage cans and strewing litter around city centres. Their message is clear: we may be at the … Read the rest

Smoking gun? Social media accounts tied to unrest

An analysis of social media traffic in downtown Baltimore Monday has unearthed striking connections to the protests in Ferguson, Mo. last year, according to a leading data mining firm that shared its findings exclusively with Fox News.

The firm, which … Read the rest

Tycoon says Apartheid was bad for business

Apartheid was not good for his businesses Johann Rupert, chairman of the Remgro and Richemont groups, declared on Tuesday.

He was one of the speakers at the FW de Klerk Foundation’s conference on issues related to the South African economy … Read the rest

South Africa sliding backwards economically under black rule

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene will have his work cut out at next week’s budget to try and reassure disillusioned South Africans that the government still has gas in its tank to pull the economy out of the doldrums.

Twenty years … Read the rest

SAIRR: Rising expectations lead to more violent uprisings

opstandRising expectations and youth unemployment have been identified as some of the sources of violent protests which have increased dramatically in the country in recent months.

The South African Institute of Race Relations, SAIRR’s programme manager and researcher, Georgina Alexander, … Read the rest

‘Inequality causes violence’ – academic

Gender and economic inequality are prevalent in violent societies, a conference on crime reduction heard on Thursday.

“South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa, but we also have one of the highest levels of violence,” said KwaZulu-Natal … Read the rest

FW de Klerk pontificates on inequality and our ‘catastrophic education system’

The outcome of the ANC’s elective conference in Mangaung at the end of the year could have a big effect on South Africa’s future, former president FW de Klerk said on Thursday.

“I do think the choice of leadership in … Read the rest

Despite radical affirmative action, racial income gap remains in South Africa

Inequalities in South Africa are threatening economic growth, with children born into poor families unlikely ever to escape poverty or reap the rewards of living in Africa’s largest economy.

The World Bank’s sobering assessment released last week found that a … Read the rest

FW de Klerk attacked for ‘defending the white man’

A black South African columnist has just published the following article in the London Guardian, blaming whites for blacks’ continuing poverty under a black government.

FW de Klerk: defender of the white man

South Africa is trying to move on

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