Inspector Clouseau? French bungle jihadist arrest

The French government struggled to explain its bungling of the arrest of three men suspected of having fought for the Islamic State in Syria and deported by Turkey, after police waited for them at the wrong airport.

France joined the … Read the rest

US targets Syrian oil field in anti-ISIS air strike

The United States and its partners launched a new round of strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria on Wednesday.

According to Agency France-Presse, strikes involved targeting an oil field in Syria near the towns of Al-Omar and Deir ez-Zor, … Read the rest

British man called John beheaded American journalist Foley

The jihadist who beheaded the American journalist James Foley is believed to be British born militant from London who calls himself John, it can be revealed.

John spoke English with an accent identified as southern British by a linguistic expert, … Read the rest