Cameroon’s mothers ‘iron’ daughters’ breasts to delay puberty

by Anne Mireille Nzouankeu and Kristin Palitza

It happened a long time ago, two full decades, but Raissa Nana’s painful memories have remained fresh.

“My mother began to flatten my chest when I was 11. Every evening, she heated a … Read the rest

Ivory Coast reconciliation ‘at a dead end’

by Christophe Koffi

A bid to reconcile hardened enemies in Ivory Coast has all but broken down, according to participants and observers, and time is running out for a commission set up to heal the wounds of bitter strife.

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60 dead in Ivory Coast during New Year’s Eve stampede

The Ivory Coast on Wednesday began three days of national mourning after a stampede among crowds gathered for celebratory New Year’s Eve fireworks in Abidjan left at least 60 dead and dozens injured.

An AFP journalist saw many injured children, … Read the rest