Fewer black US reporters than in 1968

America’s newspapers, including many that for years decried the lack of black representation in Congress, on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms, have not increased the percentage of African-Americans in newsrooms above 1968 levels — and may have even cut … Read the rest

In 20 years robots will take over almost half of all jobs

macrobotIn the early days of artificial intelligence research, it was commonplace for the well-educated academics in the field to (mistakenly) think that being “intelligent” meant being good at things that other well-educated academic researchers struggled at, like playing chess. We

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African invader could threaten food, jobs

Africa Cup of Nations visitors could introduce an unwanted and potentially economically crippling visitor – the African invader fly.

Issuing an urgent alert, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries yesterday announced steps it was taking to ensure visitors would … Read the rest