Hounded ‘racist winemaker’ gave money to Coloured girl to study in USA

As more facts surface regarding the owner of Rietvallei wine farm, Mr. Johnny Burger, who had been driven to suicide by anti-racists and the media, the so-called perpetrator is starting to look more and more like a victim.

In a … Read the rest

Anti-racists are the new racists


by Dan Roodt

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South Africa’s multiracial and multicultural society is exploding into a never-ending Kulturkampf or American-style culture war. Anti-racists are the new racists, spreading intolerance and even violence ahead … Read the rest

Suicide of Cape wine farmer unconfirmed

rietvalleiReports that one of the men accused of assaulting Flippie Engelbrecht had committed suicide could not be immediately confirmed on Tuesday.

Johnny Burger, owner of Rietvallei Wine Estate, appeared in court last month for allegedly assaulting farmworkers Flippie and his … Read the rest