Anti-racists are the new racists


by Dan Roodt

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South Africa’s multiracial and multicultural society is exploding into a never-ending Kulturkampf or American-style culture war. Anti-racists are the new racists, spreading intolerance and even violence ahead … Read the rest

Kunene resigns from EFF

Kenny Kunene
Kenny Kunene enjoying a meal

‘Sushi King’ and porn entrepreneur Kenny Kunene has resigned from his senior position in Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) movement.

According to the Star, Kunene told the newspaper he was resigning as head of … Read the rest

Fighting white supremacy with a hat

Looking ridiculous
Looking ridiculous

A defiant Julius Malema has unveiled radical draft policies that seek to turn South Africa into a socialist country in the mould of Cuba and Venezuela.

Malema insists that his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)stand a good chance of … Read the rest

Sushi King joins Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters

kennykuneneThe “Sushi King” Kenny Kunene has announced his membership of Julius Malema’s EFF movement, says a report from IOL. Kunene enjoys sushi from the naked bodies of white “models” displayed in public, which earned him the title.

Kunene has called … Read the rest