Black husband kills four kids by slitting their throats

Lorraine Kekana, 30, was made to listen to the groans of her four dying children who had just had their throats slit, allegedly by their father.

Minutes before, her black husband had allegedly phoned her to ask whether she had … Read the rest

Rhodes statue hero Chumani Maxwele threatened lecturer, wanting ‘to kill all whites’

The University of Cape Town has suspended the black student activist who threw ‘human excrement’ on the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, for threatening to assault a white woman lecturer on 1 May and stating: “”We must not listen to … Read the rest

Corrie Sanders: ‘just one of 40 murders a day’ in South Africa

In a country where violent deaths widely go unnoticed, South Africans have reacted with outrage and shock at Corrie Sanders’ murder on the weekend.

The 46-year-old former world heavyweight boxing champion was shot in a restaurant in Brits outside Pretoria … Read the rest