Beverly Hills Hotel boycotted over ‘human rights’

hillshotelThe Beverly Hills Hotel is part of the Dorchester Collection, a luxury chain owned by the Sultan of Brunei. This week, the tiny, oil-rich southeast Asian country set off a storm of celebrity protests and boycotts by introducing Islamic laws … Read the rest

‘Racist’ police dogs only bite Latinos and Africans

lapolicedogsPolice officers in Los Angeles have long faced accusations of institutional racism, but now it appears their dogs may be unjustly discriminatory, too.

A new report focusing on the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sherriff’s Department (LASD) has uncovered

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Saudi princess charged with human trafficking in USA for holding Kenyan maid

A Saudi princess has been charged with human trafficking for allegedly holding a Kenyan maid against her will in a luxury California apartment, news reports said late Wednesday.

Meshael Alayban, 42, was charged on Wednesday after being arrested at her … Read the rest

Chef cooked his wife’s corpse

A chef who told Los Angeles police he boiled his wife’s body for four days to hide evidence of her death was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder.

David Viens showed no reaction as the verdict was read. The sister of … Read the rest