Opinion: South Africa is sleepwalking into disaster

The worm has turned and virtually every South African political commentator whose legacy was to encourage a one man one vote ANC takeover in South Africa is now tearing into the government and its alliance partners. The country is on … Read the rest

Privatize government’s land to get budget balanced: TAU SA

Land under the control of government is an unhealthy practice that causes only harm to the country and to agriculture.

Mr. Louis Meintjes, TAU SA’s president, responded to the news of horrific neglect on a farm near Nigel  that is … Read the rest

TAU SA sees risk of famine due to ‘communist-style land reform’

TAU SA called on the Minister of Agriculture, Tina Joemat-Pettersen, to express her opinion on her colleague of Rural Development and Land Reform’s ideological process which will deprive white landowners of their rightful property.

TAU SA`s president, Mr. Louis Meintjes … Read the rest