The mortal danger of being white in Africa

A lucrative black market exists for the body parts of albinos, who are believed by some to possess magical powers that can bring good luck. But as police in Tanzania crack down on the grisly trade, activists in neighbouring Malawi … Read the rest

Malawi hits back at donors for withholding $150m in aid

malawiA Malawian minister on Thursday criticised Western donors for withholding aid worth $150 million after the government exposed corruption, saying it could prompt other African leaders to stop fighting graft fearing they will lose funds.

“The government does not understand … Read the rest

‘We can’t think like Africans’

Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj has apologised for the Malawi comments made by President Jacob Zuma.

“I have received numerous calls from Malawians being angry and after long discussions, they come around and say, yes, let’s not make a mountain of … Read the rest

Malawians offered cash to arrest visiting Blair

Until recently, Tony Blair had never visited Malawi. Last summer there was a lot of international press coverage on the discovery of oil under Lake Malawi. Since then he’s developed an interest in the country’s “governance” and has visited twice … Read the rest