Black teachers help students to cheat

A “significant number” of matriculants have admitted that invigilators and teachers helped them cheat in last year’s final exams, the Department of Basic Education said yesterday.

In January, multiple pupils gave suspiciously similar answers (complete with identical spelling errors) at … Read the rest

SA matrics ‘still perform at lower levels in maths’: Umalusi

MATRIEKEKSAMEN 007While a general dumbing down of the school curriculum has ensured rising pass rates for South African matrics, the standards body Umalusi says that “in some of the key subjects such as mathematics the majority of learners still perform at … Read the rest

Maths and science ‘too hard’

The steady decline over the past five years in the number of matric pupils studying science has education experts worried.

The number of pupils studying science fell from 229934 in 2008 to 182083 this year.

Though there has been a … Read the rest