Apartheid will never die because the Left needs it

On New Year’s eve, the acrimonious tone of South African public debate seems to have become even more pronounced. Just yesterday another stereotypical cultural-Marxist piece by Professor Anton van Niekerk appeared in Afrikaans on the Netwerk24 site and already conservatives … Read the rest

Boerehaat and South Africa’s Khmer Rouge 1

roodt_dan_wikiby Dan Roodt dan[at]praag.org

Few outsiders understand the ethnic dynamics of South Africa. Foreign journalists come here and imagine that we are some kind of remake of the USA, transposing American ethnic categories (and Hollywood movies) onto us. Of course, … Read the rest

Britten’s indifference

Sarah Britten painting her self-portrait
Sarah Britten painting her self-portrait

by Albert Brenner

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One very positive side-effect of the Red October protest was that it aired the stale house of the MSM in Mandelatopia. This breath of fresh air made … Read the rest

Master and slave


by Albert Brenner

It is always so amusing to witness the blatant hypocrisy on display when (the) Slave becomes Master. The Enlightenment philosopher Friedrich Hegel`s masterful little piece, the Master-Slave dialectic, has been the fons et origo of all the … Read the rest

Max du Preez’s fantasies on Zimbabwe

'Fast-track land reform' of the Zimbabwean style, as sought by Max du Preez

by TAU Bulletin

Anti-apartheid journalist and apologist for South Africa’s democratic dispensation Max du Preez has been caught short with his latest efforts to justify the unjustifiable. … Read the rest

Banana Republic or Absurdistan, Max?

by Neville Chamberlain

Max du Preez is of the informed opinion that South Africa is not a “Banana Republic” echoing similar statements from the ruling ANC elite (or should that rather be ruling ANC regime). Admitting that the state of … Read the rest

Roy Bennett refutes Max du Preez’s praise of Zimbabwean land grab

Cultural-Marxist journalist Max du Preez

Writing on his Facebook page, Zimbabwean opposition politician Roy Bennett has refuted Max du Preez’s recent defence of Robert Mugabe’s so-called “land reform programme” whereby white-owned land was confiscated, plunging the country into economic chaos.… Read the rest