US media completely ignore racist rampage

babbittNewsBusters asked Saturday if the media will report a New York man becoming brain dead as a result of an unprovoked attacked by a black man saying “I hate white people.”

So far with the exception of local New York … Read the rest

‘More white kids have to die’

Appearing on the “progressive” cable network owned by death merchant General Electric, MSNBC, a regular guest at globalist forums held at the Aspen Institute and funded by the Rockefeller Brothers and the Ford Foundation, Michael Eric Dyson, said white people … Read the rest

MSNBC: Saying ‘golf’ and ‘Chicago’ is racist

On Wednesday, hosts at MSNBC informed America that the words “golf” and “Chicago” are racist, especially if they are used while speaking of Barack Obama.

Newsbusters’ Rusty Weiss reported early Thursday morning that while covering the GOP convention, Chris MatthewsRead the rest