Pro-immigration leftists tear into whites to save Bremain

While Brexit is about sovereignty and restricting immigration, leftists are exploiting a tragic murder to rescue their crumbling “Bremain” campaign for Britain to remain in the EU.

The front page of the Daily Star conflated yesterday’s murder of Member of … Read the rest

Dan Roodt: Are murders on writers part of #AfrikaansMustFall?

Whereas most observers have now become conscious of the extreme, sadistic nature of the daily killings and rapes in South Africa, not many are ready to acknowledge the frequently ethnic aspect of such crimes. A few days ago another Afrikaans … Read the rest

Vryheid in shock after more than a dozen black attackers kill two farmers

The brutal attack on the Van Rooyen family farm has left the Vryheid community in shock.

According to Neighbourhood Watch, who responded when the call for help came through, 15 black attackers armed with AK47’s converged on the Van Rooyen … Read the rest

South Africa’s brutal reality: Swedish journalist reports

Reporters from the Swedish weekly newspaper Nya Tider (New Times) travelled to South Africa to investigate whether the “Rainbow Nation” is the success story that Swedish establishment media sometimes say it is – as far as they are at all
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White family massacred in Randfontein, South Africa

A family of four, including a 9-year-old child, was brutally murdered between Wednesday 9 and Thursday, 10 March on a Randfontein farm in Rodora, Doornfontein, reports the Randfontein Herald, a local newspaper.

According to Captain Appel Ernst, Randfontein Police … Read the rest

30 years after Olof Palme’s assassination, he is still hated in Sweden and in South Africa

Last night it was exactly 30 years ago that the controversial leftist Swedish prime minister, Olof Palme, had been assassinated. Palme was returning from the cinema in Stockholm on 28 February 1986 when he was shot in the back, dying … Read the rest

Afrikaner policeman arrested as accomplice in vigilante justice case in Parys, to appear with farmers

The controversial case of the four Afrikaner farmers arrested in Parys for allegedly beating two black farm attackers to death during a vigilante justice incident has been given a new twist through the arrest of a police captain. According to … Read the rest