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Of English moral hysteria and student pranks

South Africa is apparently experiencing another tedious outburst of moral outrage about an innocuous case of “blackface” put on by two women students at the University of Pretoria for a 21st-birthday party.

I try to keep the mass media at … Read the rest

Waterkloof 4 – Exploring the trial

The so-called 'Waterkloof 4 from L to R: Gert van Schalkwyk, Christoff Becker Reinach Tiedt and Frikkie du Preez

Kevin_Kingby Kevin King

Most of us are aware of the ongoing saga of the Waterkloof 4 (Tiedt, van Schalkwyk, Becker & Du Preez), four underage white boys convicted of having assaulted and killed a homeless black man. Apart … Read the rest