Ilana Mercer: Rachel Dolezal: A Racially Abused Girl—Really

Not so fast, Rachel Dolezal. The country is not finished with you yet. It merely got distracted. We scampered in other directions: onto the “genocidal” Confederate flag and the depraved-heart murders of Freddy Gray (black) and Kathryn Steinle. … Read the rest

Fake black Dolezal accuses brother of sexual abuse

Even as Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane NAACP president whose parents outed her as white, resigned from the organization on Monday ahead of a “Today” show interview, another Dolezal was thrust into the spotlight.

It was revealed Monday that Dolezal’s older … Read the rest

‘Black’ NAACP president outed as white

An NAACP leader’s parents have made a startling revelation: their daughter, for years a highly visible civil rights activist in Eastern Washington, is white.

Rachel Dolezal, Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President and part-time Africana Studies professor at Eastern Washington University, has … Read the rest

‘Exclusively for white people’ stickers appear in Texas

Employees at several Austin businesses have found stickers saying “exclusively for white people” placed on their windows, sparking an investigation into their origin and condemnation from the mayor.

Mayor Steve Adler said the stickers discovered Wednesday morning were “an appalling … Read the rest

KKK, NAACP shake hands in Wyo.

A burning cross and men in white pointed hoods. Since its “rebirth” in 1915, the Ku Klux Klan’s (KKK) strong sentiments against blacks, is part of American history. Formed in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

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Not black enough: NAACP rejects black conservatives

According to author and Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli and her husband, Tom Borelli, black conservatives have been blacklisted from the NAACP’s national conferences for years. When the Borellis, who are employees of the conservative group FreedomWorks, attempted to pay … Read the rest