Even a small asteroid could destroy human race in near future – scientists

An international group of astronauts, scientists and others have called for a rapid expansion of efforts to detect asteroids capable of causing widespread destruction on earth, warning that this is one of the biggest threats to humanity in the coming … Read the rest

Mars expedition: Astronauts simulate life on planet for 8 months

For eight months, six astronauts will be essentially locked into a small dome in Hawaii as NASA attempts to study the consequences of living the quiet, lonely lifestyle that humans would experience on Mars.

Titled the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog … Read the rest

A storm is brewing: Sun’s magnetic field about to flip

sunmagnetThe sun’s magnetic field is expected to flip in the next three to four months and it could lead to changes in our climate, storms and disruption to satellites.

This solar event only happens once every 11 years and signals … Read the rest