Vortex, war novel by Larry Bond and Patrick Larkin

vortexThe lengthy novel focuses on the U.S. deployment of force, and gives an excellent sense of the problems and limits of power projection in an underdeveloped theater, a type of setting Americans are likely encounter in such deployments, writes a … Read the rest

Ruling party candidate leads in Honduras presidential vote

by Alberto Arce

The ruling party candidate held the lead in early vote counting to become Honduras’ next president, while two of his four main opponents began crying foul early Monday over the results in the violent and impoverished Central … Read the rest

Europeans must leave South Africa

For ages, the country today known as South Africa was no more than a loose band of separate communities. The Nguni tribes, which settled on the Southern tip of Africa around the 10th century, neither considered themselves a single nation, … Read the rest

Apartheid is not to blame for mine violence, Cynthia Carroll

The recent comments by Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll represent an insult to everyone who still harbours some South African pride, despite our country’s slide into third-world squalor and corruption.

As reported by Sapa, Carroll said: “The violence we have … Read the rest

Apartheid better than nightmare of ANC rule

by S.J. Oosthuizen, Helderkruin

IT WAS expected there would be a rash of anti-apartheid, anti-Dan Roodt replies to his letter (Apartheid evil is hype, Business Day Letters, September 10).

Saying a few positive words about apartheid is tantamount … Read the rest

Apartheid evil is hype

by Dan Roodt

South Africa is listed in Samuel Huntington’s book as a country prone to a “clash of civilisations”. Hence the acrimonious exchanges that characterise South African discussions of politics and history.

The South African left scored a major … Read the rest

‘Apartheid made maths difficult for blacks’ and other myths – historian Hermann Giliomee defends Bantu Education

By Hermann Giliomee

Bantu Education: Destructive intervention or part reform?

As the crisis of education in black schools has worsened, or rather become more evident, so the tendency to “Blame Verwoerd” has intensified.

Senzo Mchunu, MEC for Education in Kwazulu-Natal, … Read the rest