Netherlands struggling to get politically correct as to Black Pete

In this town named after Saint Nicholas, Yuletide cheer is being clouded by controversy over the good saint’s helpers.

Across the Netherlands and Belgium, celebrations in which Saint Nicholas rolls into town surrounded by a host of “Black Petes” have … Read the rest

Europe created the Afrikaner problem in South Africa

A recent statement by the FW de Klerk Foundation in Cape Town after the Constitutional Court’s finding in the Renate Barnard affirmative-action case, said that “[the judgement] is, in effect, a prescription for, and validation of, harmful discrimination against millions … Read the rest

Canada moves gold of Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden to unknown location

In just three months, on November 30, the Swiss will vote in a federal referendum on the future of the country’s gold reserves.

The referendum has arisen through a popular initiative called ‘Save our Swiss gold initiative’. In Switzerland, citizens … Read the rest

African population will soon rise to 2,5 billion or even higher

Africa’s population is set to double to more than 2.4 billion over the next few decades due to improved health care and medicines, a new study found.

Sub-Saharan Africa – the world’s poorest region – will record the largest amount … Read the rest

Mandela: muti for white guilt


by Dan Roodt

Ever since Nelson Mandela died, but even before, one was utterly flabbergasted before the intensity of media fervour pouring out en hommage to the Big Man. In Africa, of course, there are all kinds of theories about … Read the rest

Dutch fear rise in immigration after EU law changes

schengenLodewijk Asscher, deputy prime minister of the Netherlands, this month warned that migration from eastern Europe threatened his country’s wages and social welfare policies.

In his home country Bulgaria, Viktor, a logistical engineer, earned €350 a month as head of … Read the rest

Dutch mourn tragic prince

Prince Friso of the Netherlands will be buried Friday in the municipality of Baarn, the royal house said Tuesday in the Hague.

The younger brother of King Willem-Alexander died Monday at the age of 44, one and a half years … Read the rest

War criminal documents released online

Scholars, campaigners and lawyers can for the first time readily access more than 2,200 documents from a largely unknown archive housed at the United Nations that documents thousands of cases against accused World War II criminals in Europe and Asia.… Read the rest

Dutch party upset over Pretoria street names

A Dutch political party has demanded action from the Dutch Cabinet in support of the retention of Afrikaans street names in Pretoria.

“The Netherlands Embassy situated in Queen Wilhelmina avenue should refuse to accept a new name,” the “De Partij … Read the rest

PRAAG supports Dutch-Afrikaner cooperation in struggle for street names

PRAAG supports the call by the Dutch Freedom Party for Dutch and Afrikaner people to stand together in defending their shared cultural heritage as embodied in Pretoria’s street names.

Queen Wilhelmina is remembered for her courageous support for the Boers … Read the rest