Cape Town has twice the murder rate of Johannesburg

According to an analysis of the latest crime stats by the Istitute for Security Studies, the murder rate in Cape Town is almost twice as high as that of Johannesburg.

Lizette Lancaster, a researcher at the Institute, writes: “Between April … Read the rest

Policeman shot dead on patrol in black township Nyanga

A policeman was shot dead and another was wounded while on patrol in Nyanga, Western Cape police said on Tuesday.

The policeman was shot in the head by two men he and a partner stopped to search on Monday night, … Read the rest

Black area has highest crime rate in Western Cape

The most likely place to be murdered in the Western Cape is the black township of Nyanga, especially over a weekend and after dark, provincial community safety MEC Dan Plato said on Wednesday.

The township, situated near the Cape Town … Read the rest

Terror of the gay dwarfish African incubus

by Dan Roodt

To most people outside South Africa in developed countries, our life here must seem bizarre. After all, nowhere in Europe or the United States would you drive your children to school and see that the country’s largest … Read the rest