UK rich list includes two South Africans

Two South Africans have made it into the respected Sunday Times Rich List released on Sunday, with Ukrainian businessman Len Blavatnik taking the top spot with a personal wealth of £13.17bn (R240bn).

South-African born Swazi business mogul Nathan Kirsh claimed … Read the rest

The neoconservative threat to international relations

This week I was invited to address an important conference of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Scholars from Russia and from around the world, Russian government officials, and the Russian people seek an answer as to why Washington … Read the rest

Oligarchs, seed companies benefit from land redistribution

The federal government has admitted that national and international companies in Ukraine benefit from EU subsidies and loans. Fertile lands in Ukraine are being transferred to Ukrainian oligarchs and international seed companies, and in return the Kiev government receives international … Read the rest

Pussy Riot is porn and oligarch a swindler, says Czech president

The President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman said not everyone being called political prisoners had this status.

President Miloš Zeman has responded in a rather unusual way to the call of the son of civil rights activist Natalya Gorbanevskaya … Read the rest

Ukrainian leadership to hire US mercenaries to suppress eastern regions

A private military company will be in charge of suppressing protest movements in Eastern Ukraine, said a source in the country’s Security Service. According to him, the name of the company is Greystone Limited.

According to a source cited by … Read the rest