Could ignorance about Paul Kruger be real?

Tshwane officials on Monday said it was still unclear who had defaced the historical statue of Paul Kruger at Church Square in the Pretoria city centre.

“No one has claimed responsibility for it,” said mayoral spokesperson Blessing Manale.

Kruger’s bronze … Read the rest

The devious behaviour of the liberal mind

Another perfect example of the devious behaviour of the liberal mind.

For more than a hundred years the Swiss town of St Gallen carried the name of Krügerstrasse (Kruger Street), but because President Paul Kruger was evidently a “white racist”, … Read the rest

Boer mystique? Paul Kruger wins US Super Bowl for Baltimore Ravens

With a name like Paul Kruger, the same as that of the famous Boer president, any football player is bound to make history. In a close match between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, Kruger swung the game … Read the rest

Pretoria PEN and the new occult censorship

by Dan Roodt

I belong to a writer’s organisation called Pretoria PEN which has been affiliated for the past six years to PEN International, a world-wide network of authors and journalists. Some of the people who have been presidents of … Read the rest

Dutch party upset over Pretoria street names

A Dutch political party has demanded action from the Dutch Cabinet in support of the retention of Afrikaans street names in Pretoria.

“The Netherlands Embassy situated in Queen Wilhelmina avenue should refuse to accept a new name,” the “De Partij … Read the rest