Massive cyber attack over past few days on PRAAG websites

praagorg_logoOver the past few days, starting on Tuesday morning, a massive cyber attack involving potentially tens of thousands of computers in a so-called Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack was executed against websites and servers of PRAAG. The object of … Read the rest

Why everyone should support the Afrikaner struggle


by Dan Roodt

With violence and anti-white racism rising in South Africa, Afrikaners need international support to survive. Our unique testimony of how a Western nation is being dominated by non-Westerners may just save the whole of our civilization!


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ANC promised in 2004 not to change Pretoria’s name

During 2004 at a meeting organised by PRAAG, the then minister of defence, Mosiuoa Lekota, promised that there would be nou name change in Pretoria. The following Monday a report of the meeting appeared in the Pretoria News:

It’s official:

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Nothing maverick about The Daily Maverick’s sucking up to Woolworths

The Daily Maverick should rebaptise itself as “The Cute Conformist”, for that is really what it is, a bunch of people who sound like your average ANC propagandist on the SABC, except they think they are cute.

One such very … Read the rest

Aikona Woolworths! petition | petisie

I hereby express support for PRAAG’s WAR (Whites Against Racism) campaign to persuade Woolworths and other companies that they must stop discrimating against white South Africans. Hiermee ondersteun ek PRAAG se BTR (Blankes Teen Rassisme)-veldtog om Woolworths en ander maatskappye … Read the rest

PRAAG plans charging Woolworths with apartheid

PRAAG, the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, has given Woolworths until midnight on 7 September 2012 to stop discrimination against Afrikaners, Afrikaans and the white race (see email underneath), otherwise the action group will lay a charge of apartheid against Woolworths.

Apartheid … Read the rest

PRAAG congratulates Parti Québecois

PRAAG has congratulated the Parti Québecois on its excellent electoral score during provincial elections in Canada. Reacting on Twitter, the leader of PRAAG, Dr. Dan Roodt, said: “I support Québecois separatism, could bolster case for an Afrikaner volkstaat. Félicitations au … Read the rest

PRAAG calls for boycott of ‘hate group’ Woolworths

The Pro-Afrikaans Action Group has called for a blanket boycott of chain store Woolworths, including the company’s Country Road brand. Woolworths recently made clear that it will not consider white job applicants.

Dr. Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG, stated: “For … Read the rest

‘Sondag’ newspaper must publish front-page apology to Dan Roodt

The Press Ombudsman has ordered weekly newspaper Sondag to publish a front page apology to Dan Roodt for publishing a defamatory article linking the Afrikaans writer and activist to an internet sex site.

Deputy ombudsman Johann Retief found that the … Read the rest

Anti-Afrikaner human rights violations in the spotlight

Human rights violations against Afrikaners are increasingly under the spotlight, as the Commonwealth Human Rights Unit has started to monitor the issue and an American expert on genocide, Dr. Gregory Stanton, has arrived in South Africa.

Speaking on the nation-wide … Read the rest

Commonwealth to probe SA human rights violations after complaint by PRAAG

After a complaint by PRAAG, an Afrikaner NGO, the Commonwealth of Nations is to probe human rights violations currently being committed in South Africa against Afrikaners, foreigners and other minorities.

According to a response from the office of Commonwealth Secretary … Read the rest