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Germany: US snooping poses risk of data theft, industrial espionage

German companies believe the US now poses almost as big a risk as China when it comes to industrial espionage and data theft, a survey has revealed. The startling finding…

Edward Snowden

Snowdenov soon?

NSA leaker Edward Snowden plans to settle in Russia and is ready to begin a court battle if the country’s migration service denies his asylum plea, Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian…


Why Germans hate the Stasi state

By Constanze Stelzenmüller. Ah, German hypocrisy! During the cold war, you marched waving “Ami, Go Home” placards, but still let us protect you against the Soviets. Now you moan self-righteously about…


PRISM fears boost private search engine DuckDuckGo

If you want to know just how crazy fear over PRISM-like surveillance has made the Internet, take a look at DuckDuckGo. Thanks to the National Security Agency leaks and some well-timed media appearances, the…


Snowden: Fresh allegations against the British, Germans

For weeks now, officials at intelligence services around the world have been in suspense as one leak after another from whistleblower Edward Snowden has been published. Be it America’s National…

Snowden resides at Sheremetyevo Airport, for now

Snowden speaks from Moscow

Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden broke his silence on Monday for the first time since fleeing to Moscow over a week ago, blasting the Obama administration and saying…


Germany prepares charges against US and British intelligence

Germany is preparing to bring charges against US and British intelligence amid fresh allegations that the services spied far more extensively than thought on German phone and internet traffic and…


The Guardian deletes ‘scoop’ from website

The Guardian released another shocking NSA scoop on Saturday, revealing collusion and mass harvesting of personal communications among the United States and at least six European Union countries — only…


EU lashes out at new NSA spying report

A top German official accused the United States on Sunday of using “Cold War” methods against its allies, after a German magazine cited secret intelligence documents to claim that U.S….


Global surveillance: Where is the outrage?

The British-American surveillance program Tempora marks a historic turning point. Unnoticed by the public, intelligence agencies have pursued total surveillance. Governments have deliberately concealed from the public the extent to…