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Thai ad shows how black is undesirable

China’s most racist ad goes viral

In Asia cleanliness and dark skin are often incompatible and there is a history of cultural bias against people of dark skin.

A Chinese laundry detergent advertisement is currently causing widespread outrage online in some Western countries however and is … Read the rest


Kevin King: Manufactured cyber racism

“Cyber Racism” involves activities that include publishing materials and comments which are racially offensive and amount to racial hatred. The reason why cyber racism is so common, and often more extreme on the internet, is due to a level of … Read the rest

Bishop Michael Vorster

‘Whiteness likes control’

Whiteness likes control, security, cleanliness and standards, according to KwaZulu-Natal Methodist Bishop, Michael Vorster.

Speaking at the eThekwini Municipality social cohesion summit on Thursday, Vorster “ who is an “eThekwini Living Legend” said that in his experience, non-racialism was “an … Read the rest

Giovanni Micheli

Beat and bullied for being white

A white student at a predominately Hispanic and black Long Island high school says he was targeted for punishment over his race — punched, hit with a chair and repeatedly called “cracker” and “white boy” — while administrators did nothing … Read the rest

An invitation to Scandinavia from Senegal

Swedish Institute hands Twitter to vile migrant

The state-backed Swedish Institute handed control of its official Twitter account over to a middle eastern migrant Elias Kreidy, who then proceeded to tweet, “I’m the immigrant f**king your daughter.”

By way of contrast, last December, Sweden’s top public broadcaster … Read the rest


White lives don’t matter

White lives do not matter, according to a student debater/activist from the University of West Georgia.

Miguel Feliciano, along with fellow West Georgia student Damiyr Davis, reportedly participated in a recent debate with other students at Harvard University.

During an … Read the rest