Ilana Mercer: America’s sick of Barrack Hussein Obama’s racial dog-whistles

Just wait. In the fullness of time, Donald J. Trump will be blamed for “creating the atmosphere” that led to the Texas cop massacre of July 7.

However, at least by the same standards applied to Mr. Trump, Barrack Hussein … Read the rest

BLM converge on American Embassy in London against ‘racist police’

Black Lives Matter activists forced the closure of Oxford Street in London as they protested against the killing of African Americans by US police.

Hundreds of marchers gathered on the busiest shopping street in Britain at 10am on Sunday in … Read the rest

Hillary blames whites for Dallas

Hillary Clinton pledged Friday to develop special “national guidelines” for white police officers, just days after a black man killed police officers because they were white.

She urged white Americans to join the fight “against racism”, in an attempt to … Read the rest

BBC rejecting applicants because they are white

THE BBC has been blasted for rejecting work applicants because they are white.

It advertised two £25,000 junior scriptwriting roles for shows like Holby City, but said they were only for people from “ethnic minority backgrounds”.

One outraged job-hunter said: … Read the rest

Brainwashed white American preschoolers believe race is a choice

Can a person’s race change over time? No — but white preschoolers seem to think so.

According to a University of Michigan study, white preschoolers often believe a person’s race can change over time, and the youngsters even think they … Read the rest