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US Police kill more whites than blacks

The black Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison says she wants to see an officer shoot an unarmed white teenager in the back before agreeing that the “conversation about race” is over, but she almost certainly already has received her wish.… Read the rest

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GLAAD fails Sony, Disney on gay films

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters may be showing up on American television with increasing regularity, but not enough, according to GLAAD.

In its third annual report about LGBT representation on film, the gay advocacy group GLAAD, found that of … Read the rest

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Fresh xenophobic attacks haunt Joburg CBD

Foreigners sought refuge at the Primrose police station on Wednesday night saying they were terrified, Gauteng police confirmed.

Attacks and vehicle stonings marked fresh xenophobic violence in Johannesburg.

“The group of [20] foreign nationals went to the police station saying … Read the rest

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‘Racist Gandhi must fall’

A group of people wearing ANC caps brazenly defaced a statue of Mahatma Gandhi that stands opposite the party’s Johannesburg offices in Gandhi Square on Sunday.

This was on the day that a bust of the Indian peace figure was … Read the rest