Queen Georgina and the Holocaust card

by Albert Brenner

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I must admit that I did not expect Georgina Guedes to do it. But then, maybe I underestimated the impact my column had on her. For her subsequent reaction speaks volumes about … Read the rest

Genocide as social justice

Recent media coverage of the Red October march resulted in extensive critique where media efforts to classify it as nonsense failed. The reason it failed is because farm murder statistics have not been disputed by any party.

So-called expert commentators … Read the rest

Deconstructing the Boerehaat outburst


by Dan Roodt

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We have a unique English population in South Africa. On the one hand, they are the most politically radical. On the other, some are partially Afrikanerised and … Read the rest

White genocide a figment of Steve Hofmeyr’s racist imagination – SACP

SACP condemns theft of its Red October Campaign

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has noted with disgust the right-wing theft of its Red October Campaign by an essentially racist grouping that has marched to the Union Buildings on Thursday, … Read the rest

The lyrics of Shoot the Boer and the Sapa report

Ayasab’ amagwala (cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot )
ayasab ‘a magwala (cowards are scared)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
awu yoh
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)
aw dubul’ibhunu (shoot the Boer)
dubula dubula (shoot shoot)… Read the rest

Where were Afriforum, Solidariteit, Radio Pretoria during Red October?

red_october_projby PB Prinsloo

Red October Pretoria was a huge success, as hoped for. The primary objective was to draw international attention to the situation in South Africa and the international media exposure was more than ever experienced at any other … Read the rest

Britten’s indifference

One very positive side-effect of the Red October protest was that it aired the stale house of the MSM in Mandelatopia. This breath of fresh air made the usual suspects, and a few newbies, cough convulsively, as expected.

The loudest … Read the rest

Red October march calls for end to black violence

Almost 600 Afrikaners marched on the Union Buildings on Thursday to protest white genocide. The Red October group released hundreds of red balloons to mark the day while calling for tolerance and warned against hate speech and racism.

The mostly … Read the rest