Reflections on the Richard Millet case

Bernard-Henri Lévy flanked by his wife, Arielle Dombasle (in pink), tennis players André Agassi and Steffi Graf

by Bernard-Henri Lévy, French philosopher and writer

Strangely enough, what I find most shocking in this Richard Millet affair (this editor at Editions … Read the rest

French author Richard Millet forced to resign from publishing committee over Breivik pamphlet

Richard Millet
Richard Millet

A writer who argued in an essay that Norway deserved mass-killer Anders Breivik has been forced to step down from a prestigious role with top French publishers Gallimard.

Richard Millet remains a Gallimard employee, the company stressed Friday, … Read the rest

Do you like organic antiwhite coffee?

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Those of you who have not yet read my latest column written today, should do so, here:

The WAR on Woolworths and what it means

If you have been to South Africa, you will know that Woolworths … Read the rest

French writer says Anders Breivik was ‘what Norway deserves’

Richard Millet, 59, author of 50 books and editor at the famous Gallimard publishing house

Richard Millet, a respected French writer and editor, has sparked controversy for his comments on Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, whom he described as … Read the rest

Anders Breivik the white Mandela

by Joseph Secrève

It’s been a week since the most notorious modern day mass murderer on Norwegian soil has been sentenced to 21 years, the maximum sentence the Norwegian state could offer. Given the severe nature of Breivik’s crimes – … Read the rest