The strange transformation of Mandela’s prison cell

Nelson Mandela’s old prison cell on Robben island has undergone a strange transformation.

Photos from the Johannesburg archives show a cosy cell with furniture and books and above all, a bed and mattress.

On many later visits by Mandela to … Read the rest

Talking with the Black Noise guys

sampson_linby Lin Sampson

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A man called Michael Blum turned up in our street, staying in the house opposite. He is a French-speaking Israeli who lives in Vienna. He said he was doing a “project” on … Read the rest

Obama ‘deeply humbled’ by visit to Robben Island

Obama on Robben Island
Obama on Robben Island

President Barack Obama was “deeply humbled” by a visit Sunday to the cell where a now critically ill Nelson Mandela spent years as a prisoner, as he urged a young generation of Africans to take up … Read the rest

Americans travel to Robben Island ‘with 5 black plastic containers’

SH-60 Seahawks
SH-60 Seahawks

US officials have been working flat out for the past month to secure Robben Island for Barack and Michelle Obama on Sunday.

Fields were cleared for five helicopters to land, US security personnel installed new telephone lines and … Read the rest

Obama plans to ‘highlight racial atrocities’ on African visit

Goree island
Goree island

The hopeful story President Barack Obama wants to tell about Africa is represented in the first stop of his weeklong trip to re-engage the continent, in a country where democracy recently overcame an impending electoral crisis.

During his … Read the rest