Four out of five Britons do not want Romanians and Bulgarians in the UK

Picture of Romanian gypsies 'setting up cam' on London's Park Lane
Picture of Romanian gypsies ‘setting up camp’ on London’s Park Lane

The London Daily Mail reports that Romania’s prime minister has told Britain not to treat Romanians as ‘second-rate citizens’ when curbs on Romanian and Bulgarian workers are lifted on … Read the rest

Scraping the bottom of the barrel on Syria

Right behind the US on Syria
Albanians right behind the US on Syria

It’s not likely to ease Americans’ concerns about going to war, but the White House announced Monday that Albania is on board with the Obama administration’s plans to punish Syria.

Tiny Estonia, too, … Read the rest

EU debt relief for North African states?

European governments have opened the door to a radical offer of “debt relief” for Arab north African neighbours such as Egypt, EU and governmental sources told AFP Wednesday.

“Member states will examine possibilities of using debt relief as a signal … Read the rest