South Africa’s black colonialists


by Dan Roodt

Recently I watched a so-called “debate” on SABC2 on what was referred to as “land reform”. Most of the participants were calling for a Zimbabwe-style expropriation of Afrikaner-owned land.

For some time now I have been thinking … Read the rest

The drum beat on SA land grab quickens

by TAU Bulletin

During the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in the late nineties, the  Commission declared in its findings that there were four different kinds of truth. The Commission “rejected the popular assumption” that there are only … Read the rest

Land reform: why SA farmers are being murdered

by Dan Roodt

One of the biggest liberal myths in South Africa is that whites own 87% of the land. If you consider that 70% of the country consists of the Karoo desert, there is only 30% with any rainfall … Read the rest