India summons top US diplomat about spying

India summoned the top diplomat from the US for the third time about spying.

A new document supplied by Edward Snowden and made public by The Washington Post on Monday showed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party was … Read the rest

Merkel: US spying has shattered allies’ trust

German Chanellor Angela  Merkel
German Chanellor Angela Merkel

by John-Thor Dahlburg and Geir Mouson, Associated Press

European leaders united in anger Thursday as they attended a summit overshadowed by reports of widespread U.S. spying on its allies -allegations German Chancellor Angela Merkel said had … Read the rest

US spying causes new anger in France, Mexico

LogoLeMondeby Marianne Barriaux and Michael Mainville BARRIAUX, Michael MAINVILLE

The United States has become embroiled in a new row over its controversial spying programme as allies France and Mexico condemned revelations Washington tapped millions of phonecalls and hacked into leaders’ … Read the rest

Britain faces furore over Snowden-linked detention

Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald

British authorities faced increasing pressure Monday to explain why they used anti-terror laws to detain the partner of a journalist who worked with US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

David Miranda — the Brazilian partner of Glenn Greenwald, an … Read the rest

US-Russia ties damaged, not wrecked by Snowden row

Putin and Obama
Putin and Obama

by Olga Nedbaeva, Victoria Loguinova-Yakovleva

Russia’s awarding of asylum to US leaker Edward Snowden dealt a new blow to already bruised relations between Moscow and Washington but it remains in their interest to prevent the row from … Read the rest

Russia allows Snowden ‘to leave airport’

Police outside Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow
Police outside Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow

US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden was set Wednesday to leave the Moscow airport transit zone where he has been holed up for the last month after being provided with a document allowing him … Read the rest

Snowden could sink Obama-Putin summit

It's about Snowden
It’s about Snowden

When the Obama administration discusses matters of sensitive diplomacy, it isn’t always a model of clarity.

But this week reporters have struggled to get a direct answer to what would seem to be a simple question: Is … Read the rest

NSA is more than just a spy network, it’s global fascism

by Patrick Henningsen

Despite the size and scope of Edward Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing, there’s little sign of Washington DC changing its practices, and even less of an indication that any of its European allies will actually hold it to account.… Read the rest

Snowden’s hopes rise on asylum offers

Police outside Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow
Police outside Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow

Hopes have risen that Edward Snowden may finally be able to leave Moscow, where he has been stranded in an airport for 14 days, after three Latin American countries offered the fugitive US … Read the rest

Snowden speaks from Moscow

Snowden resides at Sheremetyevo Airport, for now
Snowden resides at Sheremetyevo Airport, for now

Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden broke his silence on Monday for the first time since fleeing to Moscow over a week ago, blasting the Obama administration and saying he remains free … Read the rest

Snowden: ‘Ecuador an example to the world’

Edward Snowden, shortly after his arrival in Moscow
Edward Snowden, shortly after his arrival in Moscow

Fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden has thanked Ecuador for its support in his bid to avoid extradition to the US, saying the country was an “example to the world” in a letter … Read the rest

Snowden’s plane will pass through US airspace

moscowsnowdenEx-CIA contractor, Edward Snowden’s plane to Cuba will pass through US airspace, an Interfax source reports. Washington has an extradition notice against Snowden on charges of espionage and could intervene if the plane enters US jurisdiction.

Aeroflot flight SU150, leaves … Read the rest

‘Criminals are being exposed by Snowden’

gchqlisteningInformation that NSA leaker Edward Snowden is exposing can lead to trials against those involved in war crimes in Afghanistan or Iraq or in money laundering and that is why “the West is so afraid,” investigative journalist Tony Gosling told … Read the rest