Google memo emphasising male-female differences causing outrage

A 10-page memo that went viral inside Google and has been obtained by Gizmodo sees a Google software engineer arguing that women are underrepresented in tech not due to bias, but rather because of inherent psychological differences from men.

The … Read the rest

Hacker implants chip to exploit Android phones

Plenty of people these days are prepared to augment their bodies with face furniture, piercings, rings and tattoos.

But would you implant a chip in your hand to show how easy it is to exploit an Android phone?

That’s what … Read the rest

Soros puzzles analysts, investors with cloud investment

Analysts and investors have never disagreed more about what price to pay for shares in ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. (CKSW), the Israeli developer whose largest stockholder is billionaire George Soros.

ClickSoftware, which makes computer programs to manage workforces, reached a five-month … Read the rest

Did Romney kill his own campaign?

As Republicans try to explain their Election Day losses in terms of policy, tactics, and strategy, one factor is emerging as the essential difference between the Obama and Romney campaigns on November 6: the absolute failure of Romney’s get-out-the-vote effort, … Read the rest