SAIRR: Rising expectations lead to more violent uprisings

opstandRising expectations and youth unemployment have been identified as some of the sources of violent protests which have increased dramatically in the country in recent months.

The South African Institute of Race Relations, SAIRR’s programme manager and researcher, Georgina Alexander, … Read the rest

SA wants to blacken cricket by throwing money at it

Nearly two decades after the fall of apartheid, a black South Africa is struggling to sell high-profile, white-dominated cricket and rugby teams as “non-racial”.

Sporting authorities have reintroduced racial quotas for domestic professional teams in a bid to encourage more … Read the rest

Beware the Black Borg!

Borg Art  Pic

by Albert Brenner

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The greatest bogeyman ever conjured up in order to keep rebellious white South Africans in line, comes in the form of an amorphous, same-thinking, same-feeling, black entity. This all-dominant Jungian (archetypal) mass … Read the rest

Costly ambitions of NDP not discussed

fastfactsThe National Development Plan (NDP) tries to do too much and its costly ambitions are not discussed, the South African Institute of Race Relations said on Monday.

“It reads as if various government departments have provided wish-lists without much attempt … Read the rest