Dan Roodt: ‘Racism’ or blasphemy against the man gods of Sadistic South Africa

Another accusation of “racism”. Another student “blackface” incident at the University of Stellenbosch. Metaphysical racism has, like sin, become a universal obsession. One will beg for forgiveness, pay for an indulgence, do penance.

The so-called “New South Africa” is … Read the rest

Looting black mother kills infant by falling on him

A black mother from Soweto was busy looting say witnesses when her baby – who was strapped to her chest – died.

She said she did not notice there was anything wrong with him until neighbours alerted her.

The black … Read the rest

‘East Germany and the ANC shared a special bond’ – Deutsche Welle

Christine Müller
Christine Müller

East Germany and the African National Congress shared a special bond: not only the government, but also the public in the communist state supported the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Heavily armed police forces pushing along black children … Read the rest

Sowetan grandfather held for raping granddaughter

rape_girls_feetA 77-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly raping his grandchild in Klipspruit, Soweto, police said on Thursday.

The one-year-old’s mother discovered the child had been sexually abused while bathing her on Wednesday afternoon, said Captain Mpande Khoza.

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Soweto teacher arrested for raping his 10-year old pupil

boy-sad_300A teacher has been arrested for allegedly raping a 10-year-old pupil in Mapetla, Soweto, on Thursday, police said.

The 44-year-old man allegedly told two boys to stay behind after school on Wednesday as punishment for damaging school books, Captain Mponde … Read the rest