The crucial business advice that you should take from South Africa’s surging industries

Africa boasts some of the fastest-growing national economies in the world, with South Africa having already established itself as the second-largest economy on the continent – just behind Nigeria and its population that’s four-times the size of ZA. Businesses are … Read the rest

Upcoming African technology takes tech world by storm

During a time when the gaze of the world’s technology lovers is firmly on technologically developed areas such as North America, East Asia and Europe, the notion that one of the least developed areas on the planet, Africa, could soon … Read the rest

SA science website outdated since 2008 despite R16 million grant

saastaDespite a R16-million grant, most information on the SA Agency for Science and Technology Advancement’s website has not been updated in years.

A member of the public visiting the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement’s (Saasta’s) website for … Read the rest

Living in the cloud, with South African bandwidth

roodt_fbfotoby Dan Roodt

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Ever since I lost some data in a hard drive crash some years ago, I have always been a fan of keeping remote backups online. Somehow hard … Read the rest

Technology is the Opiate of the Masses

Everywhere I look outside my home I see people busy on their high tech devices, while driving, while walking, while shopping, while in groups of friends, while in restaurants, while waiting in doctor offices and hospitals, while sitting in toilets Read the rest