Government says no imminent danger to US interests

The South African government is monitoring a number of people linked to a reported threat to US interests, but was satisfied that no one faced any imminent danger, the security minister said.

The US Embassy warned its citizens on Tuesday … Read the rest

Immigrants, Muslims and pregnant teens seen as threats

Americans, Italians and the French clearly see immigrants, Muslims and pregnant teens as threats.

They vastly overestimate the proportion of the population that are immigrants or Muslims and they have no idea what percentage of teenage girls get pregnant.

Swedes … Read the rest

Fliers threaten violence against blacks in California city

Fliers with racial slurs have been found scattered throughout the city of Lancaster for the past few weeks, reports KABC. Now the search is on for the person who made them. They include hateful and threatening messages aimed at minorities.… Read the rest

White office workers threatened by strikers

Striking black mine workers at the Mponeng mine near Carletonville, west of Johannesburg, have issued death threats to white office workers at the mine. Yesterday they were told not to come to work today, unless they wanted to be killed.… Read the rest