Put Blair and Straw on trial for torture

By Craig Murray

Former British Ambassador To Uzbekistan

In the summer of 2004, I warned Tony Blair’s Foreign Office that Britain was using intelligence material which had been obtained by the CIA under torture. Two months later I was sacked … Read the rest

Torture: CIA officials will walk free

From Russian roulette to power drills, shackling and other painful and humiliating “enhanced interrogation techniques”, the CIA crossed all lines. Yet despite evidence incriminating the officials, it is highly likely that the perpetrators will walk free.

Although a scandalizing U.S. … Read the rest

Poland’s president admits he knew of CIA prison

Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has acknowledged his country let the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) run a secret prison on its territory following 9/11.

Mr Kwasniewski had previously denied that Poland hosted a secret CIA prison.

A US Senate … Read the rest

Global demands for justice reaching ‘critical mass’

A report from the United Nations accuses past and current US officials of withholding details regarding which specific individuals were responsible for the nation’s policy of enhanced interrogation, known throughout the rest of the world as torture. While the illegal … Read the rest

Throwing Republicans under the bus for torture?

The United States committed war crimes when they tortured prisoners of war and Iraqi civilian internees.

Although it is common knowledge around the world and in America, it was President Obama who admitted at a press conference that America tortured … Read the rest

MPLA’s British handler dies

The British MI6 spy, Michael Wolfers, died in London at the start of a private dinner in one of London’s most exclusive clubs to celebrate the milestone 75th birthday of his close friend of 56-years’ standing, Lord Bragg, on October … Read the rest

Of English moral hysteria and student pranks

South Africa is apparently experiencing another tedious outburst of moral outrage about an innocuous case of “blackface” put on by two women students at the University of Pretoria for a 21st-birthday party.

I try to keep the mass media at … Read the rest

Zim crimes ruling a ‘landmark decision’

Crime-against-humanityA court ruling that the SA Police Service (SAPS) can investigate alleged Zimbabwean crimes against humanity was described as a landmark decision on Wednesday.

“The court’s decision makes it clear that South Africa has a legal obligation to investigate the … Read the rest

Appeal Court orders South Africa to investigate torture in Zimbabwe

tortureSouth Africa’s top appeals court on Wednesday ordered the police to investigate Zimbabwean officials who are accused of carrying out torture in the neighbouring country.

The case was brought before the Supreme Court of Appeal following allegations of torture of … Read the rest

Shongweni murder of elderly couple ‘nasty’

A Shongweni South Coast KZN journalist quotes the neighbour who discovered the tortured bodies of the elderly white couple John and Hester Noble: “What these people did was nasty. How can anyone torture old people like that?”

“Police reservist and … Read the rest

‘Torture, murder of gay man not linked to other gay murders’

law4“I told (the court) that as a family we were prepared to forgive them. It will help give us closure,” said Anchen Jooste about the two men who had been sentenced for the brutal murder of her gay brother, Barney … Read the rest

Forced to watch as partner bludgeoned by black attackers

Beth Bucher was forced to watch as her partner Dan Knight, a timber harvester, was bludgeoned to death by black attackers with hammers at their Underberg home this week.

In an exclusive interview, Bucher recounted the events of Thursday night … Read the rest