Rhodes statue hero Chumani Maxwele threatened lecturer, wanting ‘to kill all whites’

The University of Cape Town has suspended the black student activist who threw ‘human excrement’ on the statue of Cecil John Rhodes, for threatening to assault a white woman lecturer on 1 May and stating: “”We must not listen to … Read the rest

President for Life sneers at ‘white face’

Zimbabwean President for Life, Robert Mugabe told a crowd of media and spectators on Thursday while visiting Hector Pietersen Memorial in Soweto, “I don’t want to see a white face”.

Mugabe delivered his latest sneer in his usual affected British … Read the rest

Rhodes statue debacle demonstrates South African extremism

The aggressive rejection of British colonialism as in the Rhodes statue debacle is only surprising in that it has taken so long to appear. While Verwoerd was vilified for his mild phrase on separate but equal education, Rhodes’s money, talking … Read the rest