Child sacrifices to increase black wealth

‘Hundreds’ of Ugandan children are being sacrificed every year by witch doctors who have convinced the country’s superstitious elite that mutilating them will make them even richer.

Shockingly, these ‘gruesome crimes against children’ are ‘expected to rise’ with the 2016 … Read the rest

Kenyan deputy president riles against homosexuality

Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, has told worshippers at a church service in Nairobi that homosexuality is not welcome in the east African nation.

Ruto’s comments came on the day US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kenya promoting … Read the rest

US sends Ospreys, Special Ops to hunt insignificant Ugandan warlord, and gay haters

President Obama has ordered a sharp increase in US Special Operations forces deployed to Uganda and sent US military aircraft there for the first time in the ongoing manhunt for Joseph Kony, chief of the Lord’s Resistance Army, according to … Read the rest

Uganda to announce oil refinery investor in July

Uganda will announce the lead investor and operator for its planned oil refinery in July and expects to conduct a licensing round for its vacant petroleum exploration acreage next year.

The east African country first discovered crude deposits in the … Read the rest

Uganda tabloid ‘names and shames’ gays

redpepperThe Ugandan tabloid, Red Pepper, has named the country’s 200 top homosexuals, a day after President Yoweri Museveni signed into law a bill toughening penalties for gay people.

The list appeared under the headline: “Exposed”. Western governments have condemned Mr … Read the rest

DRC shrugs off German mercenaries fighting for M23

The Democratic Republic of the Congo military has warned that any aggressor would be met with force and added that it was untroubled by German and other mercenaries.

M23 rebels have issued a warning to the Congolese government that they … Read the rest

US exporting cultural war to Africa

ugandagayBy Barbara Bradley Hagerty

The battle over the Bible and homosexuality has torn apart Christian churches and entire denominations in the United States. But what happens when that culture war is exported to other countries? Ugandans are finding out — … Read the rest